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Today I wanted to share a sneak peak into my little office space to show you how to design on a budget and create a space that all of your clients and friends will love to visit. For my office,  I chose a base color palette of grey and white and I continue to add small details to make it even more personal as I go. I love to add greenery through potted plants and other pops of colors through accessories. The most important thing for me is that my office inspires my work and helps me to stay comfortable and focused throughout the day. Take a look below!

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I also had the fun opportunity to design the overall common areas within our shared office space. The company colors are a vibrant orange and aqua combination so the color palette for the office is very lively and exciting. As the project progressed, we added in a yellow tone and kept a base of black & white plus grey to ground all of the energy within the space. To say our office is fun to work in is an understatement! It truly inspires us to create amazing work. I cannot say enough about the incredible light that flows throughout the space and looking at trees all day is extremely relaxing.

IMG_1712SM_Office1The conference room wall inspiration came straight from Pinterest. It is a series of diagonally cut particle board sheets nailed to the wall with every other painted orange or stained to bring out the wood grain. I think it is my favorite design element in the entire office!SM_Office3I don’t think this will come as a surprise for most people, but when it comes to office decor on a budget IKEA is your best friend. They have a wide range of of styles to select from and some of the best prices around. So if you have an ikea take advantage of it! The majority of large pieces within our office space (including all of the desks, tables, chairs, and one of the couches, etc) are all from IKEA! Their decorative storage bins are around $3.00 and most of the small items can be purchased for under $20. If you are one of the select few without access to an IKEA, consider your local options and whether or not a trip to IKEA is worth it to you. In my case it was and we made the two hour drive to IKEA with a moving truck to complete this office design project.

SM_Office5SM_Office4SM_Office6This was definitely the largest design project I have been a part of and was also one of the most exciting! Compared to the outdated, stuck in the 70’s space that we started off with, this space was completely transformed and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. If you have any questions about the design of the space, feel free to let me know in the comments below! I would love to help you get some inspiration for a space of your own.

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