Swoon Worthy Bedrooms Roundup

It’s been beautiful recently. It finally seems like spring is loosening its reigns and allowing summer to roll in. The sun has been shining bright, the wind blowing, and typical of any Florida summer, the humidity is reappearing. What more could we ask for as a reason to go outside? I will have to retire my favorite spot in the house for the rest of the season, my bed! There is just something about being at home in my bed that is so relaxing. I surprisingly, tend to get a lot of work done there, even though mine isn’t nearly as swoon worthy as the bedrooms I have rounded up in this post. Looking for some inspiration to freshen up that secret hideaway in your house? Look no further!

Guest+Bedroom+--+Studio+McGee Guest+Bed-Bathroom+Tour+--+Studio+McGee Gold+side+table+--+Studio+McGee

This recent redesign by Studio McGee is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, and I have to say the color palette is right up my alley. Rich cobalt blues with a mix of green and gold accents really pop against the natural linen backdrop of the upholstered bed. Plus you can’t go wrong with a white duvet! It will always match and the extra detail of the piping edge on this cover, adds a nice touch to the overall look.

kateosbornephotography-34503 kateosbornephotography-34494kateosbornephotography-34496More natural, relaxing color palettes are taking center stage lately. I love this bedroom design by House of Jade Interiors that features the most delicate but subtle pillows. They bring in color while tying into the more natural elements within the space.


For more bedroom inspiration, click here! Let’s be honest, it is probably where you spend the most time within your house, so why not make it perfect?

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