Revamp Your Rental | 5 Tips for Personalizing Your Space

Am I the only one who loves to scroll through Instagram looking at gorgeous homes? Its so fun to look at these beautifully decorated mansions, but in reality I am pretty far off from owning a home myself (if Tim and I ever decide to buy in the first place). For some reason we always get stuck in the stereotype that you have to own a large house in order for our homes to look like the ones you see on Pinterest. Sometimes it seems like size and style go hand in hand and I get discouraged because I have nowhere near that amount of space right now! But I’ve been thinking lately, why not make this rental perfectly reflect our style just like any future home would? Here are 5 tips I am using to begin making our little rental space our own.


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1 | Invest in Furniture that can Move with You

Think of the bigger pieces in your rental as an investment for your future home. You may not be able to buy things specific to the space it will be staying in for the long term, so try to buy pieces that are flexible. Things like a sofa, bed frame, or even the dining room table and chairs can make an apartment feel like home and can also be moved with you! Just make sure to purchase things that can be placed in any size house like a long sofa vs. a sectional. Smaller pieces combined with these investment pieces can be put together and moved around into several combinations to fit any space both now and in the future. I’m currently obsessed with this Skyline Furniture Nail Button Tufted Wingback Bed frame (You can buy at Target or Wayfair). I think it would be the perfect update to our little bedroom, in a grey tone. I’m still working on convincing Tim though. . . . For a man who said “I don’t care” before we got married, he sure does have an opinion! 🙂

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 2 | Get Some Color or Pattern on the Walls

In some rentals you are allowed to paint, but I always get a little bit of anxiety thinking of having to paint the walls back before moving out. If you don’t, you should definitely take advantage of the option and get some color up on the walls! Many times rentals feel bland because every wall is white (but don’t let this intimidate you!). Some other options to consider, and where I am currently leaning, are paintless options like this duct tape diamond wall from the Nesting Place or removable renters wallpaper. Both are time consuming projects, but are easily removable when it comes time to leave and make a big impact on the overall look of the room!

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3 | Choose a Color Palette

This is probably the most difficult part of pulling together a space, especially as a designer. I LOVE so many colors and styles! I can’t possibly choose one. Don’t worry! Its as daunting for me as it is for you but it is oh so important. Start by taking a look at your closet and asking your friends what colors they think you like. If you don’t know already, you will be surprised how much your gravitate towards certain colors and patterns. Use these as the base of your palette and choose complimentary colors to that base. This is where I am stuck currently with Tim and I’s apartment. I will update you when I figure this one out! It might be a little while . . .


4 | Hang Things on the Wall 

Another way to tackle those white walls, is to get some artwork up! Choose artwork or pictures with color and personality to set the mood of the space. Colorful pictures full of you and your significant other laughing or the kiddos playing will make the space come to life and make visitors smile. Its amazing how a couple of pictures can make a space feel completely different. Check out these gallery walls for inspiration. And the best part? Its as easy as patching the holes when you are reading to kiss your sweet little home goodbye.

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5 | Window Treatments

Last but not least, don’t forget about the window treatments! I have been slacking in this department lately. I keep forgetting the importance of having window treatments up in our house. They bring your eye upward and add another texture to the space. I typically go with monochrome curtains depending on what I do with the walls. If you don’t try the patterned wall details in #2, I would definitely suggest trying a curtain with a pattern.

Now that I have all of these tips written out, I think its time to take my own advice and pick a room to start working on in Tim and I’s apartment. Living room or bedroom redesign, here we come! If you have any other helpful tips or tricks that you have learned from living in a rental, share them in the comments below! Until next time 🙂

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