Our Romantic Summer Wedding- PT 2

To say the details of our wedding were the most important to me, would be an understatement! Once I knew Tim and I were successfully preparing for our marriage through premarital counseling with our pastor, I was ready to dive into the detail of our big day. Some of the first things I knew I wanted as part of our special day were what others would probably consider to be the minute details, like the cake topper, the dessert spread, etc. Each of these things were what I considered the most important because they truly reflected back on who Tim and I are as a couple and were what made our wedding day unlike many others.





I think the beautiful detail shots that Alex Michele Photography captured clearly show which detail of our wedding came in at number 1: The FOOD! Tim and I are both big foodies and couldn’t imagine our wedding with the traditional chicken and mashed potatoes dinner. One night after counseling, Tim made a joke that we should have a food truck at our wedding since it would give us the excitement we wanted in the menu while coming in much more reasonable on the budget side. Me, as the stressed out bride who was planning wedding in the middle of her senior year of college, got very upset and freaked out on him. (Hey! This blog is supposed to be candid, right? Well let me tell you, it is impossible to plan an event as big and meaningful as a wedding without getting into a couple of heated moments. This was definitely one of those!) After a couple nights of sleep, I came to my senses and realized Tim’s quick thought was actually GENIUS! We started looking into food truck options in the Jacksonville area and after some searching finally decided upon Funkadelic Food Truck.



On our search for a food truck we also stumbled upon a popsicle cart called Guanabana Artisan Ice Pops. We decided to hire them for a fun cocktail hour treat and as a nod to our popsicle adventure on the day of our engagement (that’s a story for another time!). All together,  the food at our wedding was a hit and really reflected who we are. The popsicles, dinner menu, and dessert table each had things that were Tim and I’s favorites individually and symbolized a merge of our lives together in a fun way. I can’t wait to share more about our wedding in the future. It really was a perfect day and I am one lucky girl.

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