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Have you ever had one of those moments in life where you realize exactly what you want to be doing, and then you recognize you aren’t doing it? I have been telling myself for months, actually scratch that, probably years that I wanted to start a blog ( and creative shop down the line). I beat myself up about it for months as time passed and it didn’t seem to happen.


The past year has been busy to say the least.  There has been just enough going on to keep me too busy to make this dream of mine a reality, so I kept sweeping it under the rug. In October of last year my boyfriend of three years, Tim, proposed to me!! It was one of the most magical nights of my life. In May, we both graduated from the University of Florida. (I was so happy to see 4 long years of Interior Design school come to an end).  Throughout the four years of school while we were dating, Tim started a software company! To make things even crazier we spent the entire summer wrapping up plans for our July 24th wedding, took a 2 week honeymoon to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico (it was pure heaven!), and then found our way back home to run our business, start our newlywed lives, and tackle all of life’s new adventures together. Things never seem to slow down in our world. We love to be busy, always learning and growing and more than anything, pursuing our dreams.

We are very passionate and push each other to accomplish the things we desire in life, and stand by each other as we work towards those things. So it wasn’t until recently that this dream of mine had time to pop into my head again. There is this little popsicle shop called Hyppo Popsicles in the Florida town we live in that always brings a pep back into my step. The walls are filled with beautiful, hand painted watercolor artwork, they have the cutest wooden tables, and they make the best Nutella popsicle you will ever taste in your life. I was here that I realized I have been missing a very important part of myself. I am a creative person at heart and even though I adore working with my husband on all of his software startup endeavors, I needed an outlet! Somewhere I could express my love for everything colorful and intricately designed. If you haven’t caught on yet, Tim and I speak languages from two totally different universes! His a very functional and analytical programming language and mine a very detailed design language where fluffy pillows and gold pencils are my best friend.

With pop in hand, I am finally going to share with you what inspires me day to day. The things within the design world like home decor, graphic design, and even branding that inspire me, as well as the small things in everyday life that make me smile. I never want to take for granted the creativity God has given me and I hope you will stick around for the ride. I can promise it will be a lot of fun!

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