Hello 2018 + Goals for the Year

2018 Goals and How to Create Goals for Yourself This Year- Monique McHughMan time flies! This is my first post of 2018 and I can’t believe January is almost over. Where does the time go? Its time to focus on setting priorities and goals for the year. 

Tim and I spent the last 2 weeks of 2017 off from work and since then have already been busy busy with travels and getting back into the swing of things. Looking back, I’m so glad that we used our time off diving into our priorities for this year, filling out a bucket list of items we want to accomplish in the next few years, and setting specific goals. It was so refreshing to kick off the year with a refreshed personal vision. Our friends laugh at us because we have “meetings” together for our life but honestly they are some of my favorite times together.

This year we prioritized a few overarching priorities and then aligned all of our goals around those. I thought I would share mine here as a way to document them and add some accountability into the mix. If you haven’t set priorities and goals for the year I would highly recommend it! Its unbelievable how much time we use on mindless activities that do not push us forward and the best way to fix that is by having clear and specific goals.

2018 Goal #1: Building deeper relationships with those around me

My first goal for 2018 is to be more purposeful with the relationships I have in my life! Looking back on 2017 there were so many great memories filled with friends and family. Tim and I had so many people over to our house, we took some amazing trips together, and really found ourselves saying “yes!” to those around us which was great! We definitely want to continue this into this new year in a very purposeful way and ensure that when we are spending time with our loved ones we are fully present and don’t allow technology to distract.

2018 Goal #2: Getting to know myself better

A huge goal I have for myself this year is to get to know myself better! Looking back on the past couple of years so much has changed. I went from college to graduating and getting married. I started this blog and turned down a position in my career field of Interior Design to stick with a local startup with the most amazing culture. In all of that, I found that I was comparing myself to others around me. I saw other bloggers and struggled to find my identity. I really didn’t know what I liked and looking back on some of my posts, I realize this little space on the internet has really helped me to begin this self-discovery process. Its almost comical to look back and see some of my posts, especially my closet filled with colorful clothes or my office design that was so highly influenced by the other spaces I was seeing on Pinterest and social media.

Would I take it back? Absolutely not! In all of it, I realize how grateful I am to finally be getting to know myself. (Monique… meet Monique! Ha!)

This year I want to be even more purposeful to discover the things I love. To stop apologizing for the things that make me, me! I will be keeping a journal daily to help me reflect and look back on things that may seem so insignificant at the moment. I’ll be reading a lot of books (Lord willing I can keep myself focused lol), and trying new things. What better way to get to know myself than to try new things!

2018 Goal #3: Getting out of my comfort zone

In line with trying new things, I also want to push myself out of my comfort zone this year. To say I am a perfectionist is definitely an understatement. I absolutely hate doing anything that I don’t feel like I am good at but in doing so, I keep myself from experiencing things that I might really enjoy and want to incorporate into my life! Things like singing and playing guitar bring me so much joy and since being on the worship team at my church (which was WAY out of my comfort zone) I have realized how much I love them. You know how they say you can either sing or dance? I find that to be pretty true and I haven’t even put forth the effort to learn how to dance because I SUCK at it. In 2018 I am committing to doing things that I am NOT good at. It will probably be embarrassing as I go through the process of learning but hey, something tells me it will be worth it in the end.

A few other goals I have this year!

  1. Read the One Year Bible
  2. Sign up for a pre-planned trip that is completely outside of my comfort zone
  3. Get out of bed early and seize the day
  4. Fall in love with the gym (ugh lol)
  5. Spend less time on my phone
  6. Cook more and eat out less
  7. Learn to drive a stick shift
  8. Compliment more strangers
  9. Make more of an effort to meet new people
  10. Read 50 books
  11. Grow in my vocal and guitar musicality
  12. Spend more quality time with Tim

I am so excited for all that 2018 will hold and the ways that I will grow personally this year. As I work through each of these things.

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  1. Micheline
    January 28, 2018 / 1:25 AM

    Love this post.
    Let’s cook shawarma together! ?
    LOVE that you’re doing the One Year (me too!) this year is going to rock your ? off!

    • February 1, 2018 / 1:11 PM

      Yes please! I would love to cook and EAT shawarma 🙂 And I am confident of that! Going strong since January 1st on the One Year Bible and learning so much.

  2. Kim McHugh
    January 28, 2018 / 6:18 AM

    Exciting and significant goals! Even at 52, I am getting to know myself…it is definitely a process! Would love to hear what are some of the books you plan to read. May your year 2018 be beyond what you expected and full of joy and growth!

    • February 1, 2018 / 1:13 PM

      Yes! It is absolutely a process and I need to learn to stop apologizing for being “me”! In January I read two books by Laura Vanderkam ( 168 Hours and What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast), as well as Brene Brown’s Braving the Wilderness and Unsubscribe (about decluttering your inbox). I plan to do some book review posts!

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