Fashionable Comfort with Cotton Dresses

One of my absolute rules when it comes to fashion is comfort! I have so much respect for the ladies out there who can survive all dolled up in high heels and fancy fabrics. Don’t get me wrong, they look GORGEOUS! I wish I was that dedicated to fashion, but over time I have realized, for me, simplicity and comfort reign supreme. That’s why I have been loving simple, cotton dresses lately!

Monique McHugh Blog- Layering with Cotton DressesMonique McHugh Blog- Layering with Cotton Dresses

Monique McHugh Blog- Layering with Cotton Dresses

Monique McHugh Blog- Layering with Cotton Dresses

Monique McHugh Blog- Layering with Cotton Dresses

It doesn’t matter what I have going on in the day, I just can’t seem to hold myself still long enough to pair multiple pieces together into a perfectly styled outfit. Most of the time my hand goes directly towards whatever is the most comfortable. Recently cotton dresses have been a great staple for me! I find myself grabbing them because they are so easy and versatile. You can dress them up with some added texture and heels, or rock the casual look with a pair of sneakers. Within a couple minutes I look put together and can proudly take on my day with much more confidence than I would have if I just put on some yoga pants.

I love pairing mine with a floppy hat when its warmer and switching things up with some ankle boots and a scarf when it gets a bit cooler. No matter what, I can always find a new way to wear the cotton dresses I have in my closet. I don’t foresee that changing anytime soon!

Thanks so much for reading! Check out the links above for similar pieces to those in my outfit and let me know your favorite way to wear cotton dresses in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Kim McHugh
    January 5, 2017 / 10:52 AM

    That’s a great look! It has me looking towards spring!

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