Bring the Christmas Spirit Home

I love seeing a home filled with holiday cheer! Just the idea of a living room draped in Christmas lights, with fuzzy blankets on the couch, and filled with the smell of Christmas trees makes me warm inside. Some are more extravagant but it doesn’t take much to get your home ready for the holidays, even on a budget. So here is a roundup of my favorite Christmas decor items and some of my recommendations of where to start when you want to bring a little bit more holiday cheer into your humble abode this season.



1. Tabletop Tree | 2. Peace Pillow | 3. Boxwood Wreath  | 4. Fa-la-la Pillow  | 5. Merry Christmas Art |

6. Kitchen Towel | 7. Hexagon Tray | 8. Blanket | 9. Metallic Candle | 10. Felt Stocking | 11. Candle | 12. Red Dinner Plates | 13. Plaid Rug

First decide on a color scheme! For me this year, I chose golds with pops of red, but really this could be anything! Just go with what you love and stick with it. Once you have a theme, per say, (Some ideas are gold and red, silver and red, a combination of those plus white or a more traditional green and red combination) then you can start to pick out pieces. A great place to start is by switching out the pillows and blankets in the various rooms in your house with a couple fun filled alternatives. Next set the mood with scents using candles or even changing the soaps in your bathrooms. This is my absolute favorite this year. With just a couple small touches, you will feel holiday ready and still have money in your pocket to buy the presents!

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