A Newlywed Christmas

Went to a Christmas play last night with live camels and an ELEPHANT! You read that right. Some how they fit a live elephant inside of their church sanctuary. It was incredible and I was reminded about the reason we celebrate this season. Kings traveled from the east on animals and presented gifts to Jesus in praise and adoration of His holiness. This play was a great, teary eyed, reminder of the beautiful gift my Savior gave to me, and guess what? He's given the same gift to YOU too! His life was a precious sacrifice that now allows me to live everyday with hope. Thank you Jesus! (Plus I get to share this life with my sweet husband! He has been so good to me.) #jesusisthereason #themchughchristmasHow much greater could the end of the week be when you open your email inbox to beautiful Christmas images? Last week our wedding photographer, Alex Michéle Photography , texted me and asked if Tim and I wanted to do a Christmas shoot with her. I of course said yes! Why? Well to give you a little background information, Alex was my top and ONLY option for wedding photography before Tim and I were ever engaged (yes I just confessed to preplanning my wedding before he proposed. Com’on, we all do it don’t we??). I fell in love with her work through a friend of a friend and worked our entire wedding budget around her photography costs, and I do not regret it! She captures a genuineness that is so special and I couldn’t wait to have our first Christmas as “one” documented for us to look back on in the future.  I prefaced asking Tim if we could do it with “Please say yes!”. So with that buildup, here is a sneak peak of our Christmas photos, and now I have no excuse to not make Christmas cards for our first Christmas married! Enjoy 🙂

This Tuesday is flying by and before I plunge into another round of my to do list I wanted to join the fun with the #RisingTideChallenge for today, and I'm so excited! Today's post is a #FunFactsTuesday introduction for all of my new creative friends! So here goes nothing: Hi new friends! My name is Monique. I am a creative entrepreneur at heart and have decided to finally start working towards making those dreams a reality. With my passion for Interior Design (and really any design if I'm being honest), I will be launching my design and lifestyle blog before the New Year, so stay tuned! 1. I am newly married (5 months on December 24th) to my college sweetheart, Tim. We met freshman year at the University of Florida (4 years ago!), got married this summer, and are now happily enjoying life together. P.S. Go Gators! 2. Since being married I have finally started to make time for reading (Tim pushes me because he loves to read! lol) and am loving it! I'm currently reading #girlboss and its AMAZING. You should definitely check it out. 3. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. Nothing is better than celebrating the life of Jesus and the hope He brings to my life. 4. In my spare time I love to cook and I aspire to travel the world one day. Fingers crossed for a Europe trip in 2017! 5. One of my biggest life goals is to be bilingual. I am half Lebanese and really want to learn Arabic, but it is such a hard language! Plus I am torn between Arabic and Italian. Any suggestions? Let me know! So that's me! Thanks for getting to know me a little better. I can't wait to get to know all of you and am so thankful for the @risingtidesociety for cultivating these new connections. #RisingTideSociety #RisingTideSummit #communityovercompetition : Alex Michéle Photography   Mondays are always a little bit sweeter when shared with this sweet man of mine. Just enjoyed a great lunch at a local restaurant to get away from the office and spend a little time on what matters most. Tell someone you love them today! ❄️ ⛄️#themchughchristmasMoniqueTimChristmasMini-60MoniqueTimChristmasMini-2412317718_424882747722890_602472673_n   Happy Saturday everyone! We are enjoying a slow morning, brownies for breakfast (cuz why not?), and later today we have our first Christmas party of the season! Have I mentioned I love Saturdays? ps. #target is one of my favorite places to shop for holiday decor. You can snag this cute pillow there! Alex Michéle Photography #themchughchristmasSuch a great end to the week to get our Christmas photos in my inbox! Here's a sneak peak, and on to designing some Christmas cards I go. : Alex Michéle Photography #TGIF #themchughchristmas

What are you doing in the spirit of Christmas? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for more Christmas filled posts! This is my absolute favorite time of the year.

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