22 Books I Read in 2019- Monique McHugh Blog
22 Books I Read in 2019- Monique McHugh Blog
22 Books I Read in 2019- Monique McHugh Blog
22 Books I Read in 2019- Monique McHugh Blog

Last year was a year filled with reading! Probably the most amount of reading I have ever done in a year outside of college if I’m being honest. After I graduated, it was really hard for me to make time for reading and I constantly struggled to slow down long enough to pick up a good book. If you’re looking for some books to read in 2020, this post is for you!

A lot of my lack of reading was because of my own unwillingness to make time. But I have also seen some amazing changes since I learned about habit stacking. The idea of habit stacking was something I hadn’t heard before but learned about in the book Atomic Habits. James Clear suggests that you think about how you can sync two good habits together and make it a point to always do them simultaneously so you’re getting double the momentum. Somewhere along the way, I discovered the Libby app, which lets you sync your local library card and check out audiobooks for free. That was a game-changer! I started listening to audiobooks while I was driving, cooking, working out, and even cleaning the house. This simple habit stack drastically increased the amount of time I was able to dedicate to my goal of reading 30 books. 

I wanted to share my book list from 2019 in case you are looking to get into the habit of reading this year and need some inspiration. Every time I see or hear someone recommend a good book, I save it to my Amazon reading list. Then when I’m ready to choose some new books to read, I go to my Amazon list, check to see if any of the books are on Libby for free, and start with those ones! 


  1. Dying for a paycheck
  2. Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire* 
  3. Girl Stop Apologizing 
  4. Body Love by Kelly Leveque*
  5. Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow 
  6. Influencer by Brittany Hennessy 
  7. This is the Day by Tim Tebow 
  8. Thirst by Scott Harrison* 
  9. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus by John Gray
  10. In the Country, We Love by Diane Guerrero
  11. Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley 
  12. Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin*
  13. Atomic Habits by James Clear*
  14. Profit First by Mike Michalowicz
  15. Unplanned by Abby Johnson*
  16. Becoming Michelle Obama by Michelle Obama
  17. Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin*
  18. Outer Order Inner Calm by Gretchen Rubin
  19. The Year of Less by Caitlin Flanders*
  20. Capital Gaines by Chip Gaines 
  21. Shoe Dog by Phil Night 
  22. You and Me Forever by Francis and Lisa Chan* 

*My favorite books from the list!

Have any books you love? Shoot me a DM on Instagram or let me know in the comments below! 

Happy reading in 2020!

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