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In my sparse downtime over the passed couple of days I have been really thinking about how I want to format my posts on this blog and what the purpose is for this little creative space on the internet. Lets face it, I have sucked with posting the past week and thats because I haven’t had a set plan in place for how I want to approach my writing. I wasn’t surprised that my first week after my launch was super crazy with work, and since this isn’t my full time job, it was the first thing to suffer. I’m not the type of person to let that get me down though! I decided to start thinking about a better way to plan out my posts and asked some of my friends for their advice.

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Through some research (and a coincidental newsletter form Elle & Co. that perfectly captured my current dilemma) I came up with a solution! I created a plan that will help me to better prepare and write valuable content for all of you, in a way that won’t keep you guessing 3 times every week. That solution is to have topics every month! I will post on one topic for each month and let you guys know what it is at the beginning of each month. If you have specific thoughts or things you would like me to cover in that topic, just let me know in the comments of that post every month.

You may have guessed it already, but for the remaining of the month of January I will be covering the topic of Interior Design. To get us started I wanted to shake up the stigma that Interior Design is fluff and only available to the rich and famous. Below are 7 reasons why designing our homes, offices, business, restaurants, (and more!) is so important and why we all should add one thing to our to do list this week to improve the environments in which we spend the majority of our days and ultimately, lives.

1 | Design Provides Functionality

The first thing our professors in school told us when we began our journeys in the Interior Design world was that we weren’t just going to be designing pretty spaces, focused on color and details. Many of us are surprised to know the first rule of Interior Design, which is “Form follows Function”. This means that every space that is designed by a professional or even DIY’d by you should be completely laid out first for functionality and then layered with all of the aesthetic pieces. Have you ever noticed how much easer and more enjoyable it is to be in a well designed home or public space? The spaces seem to flow together with easy and you don’t spend any time thinking about where things are. That leads to the next reason. . .

2 | Design Evokes and Changes How You Feel

If you have never studied color theory before, you might be surpised to know that color has a direct effect on your moods and overall happiness. Studies show a well designed home can make you happier and in turn healthier as some color combinations could motivate you you and keep you feeling full. For the next couple of days, pay attention to how you feel in certain spaces and look around to see what how the environment could be affecting you.

3 | Design Simplifies Your Life

Since every good design should incorporate function in some way, it is almost guaranteed a well designed space will simplify your life. All of those things that never had a place and somehow always ended up accumulated on your countertop, now have a happy little home. That doesn’t mean your husband will always put them there, but having a space for everything means you no longer have to think about what you are going to do to fix the problem. You just have to put it away. One less step in the equation!

4 | The Correct Lighting is a World Changer

I am definitely a stickler for good lighting, and you should be too! Lighting can change the entire feel of a space. White light is more harsh and keeps you awake and alert. Its best used in spaces such as offices or libraries to help you focus and complete the tasks you are focused on. Yellow light, on the contrary, is more warm and is what you usually see used in most homes. It sets a more casual and comfortable mood and you will notice that you probably don’t get as much work done in this type of environment. You can even play with color in your lights like Tim and I do, with the Philips Hue collection of color changing lightbulbs. You will be surprised what a little light change can do in a room!

5 | Safety in Design is Key

Ultimately design should create a safe place. This is why there are standard distances for furniture, walking areas, etc. If a space is not safe, it is not accomplishing its purpose. All of the spaces we inhabit everyday should be a safe space for us, our children, grandparents. Any age range or even pet should be able to safely roam and enjoy the space.

6 | Design Provides a Sanctuary 

If you are like me, coming home to a beautiful (and clean) home after a long day of work makes me so happy. I always smile when I walk into my bedroom at the end of the day and am “greeted” with a calming space that helps me to relax and unwind from the day. When pieces are paired together correctly, what once was a boring space can be transformed into a sanctuary that enables you to slow down and just enjoy the current moment.

7 | Design is Just Plain FUN!

We can all admit changing things up is a lot of fun! If we just spend a little bit more time on our design choices we can drastically improve our environments. We find ourselves waking up happier and more motivated in the spaces we spend most of our time. Excited to make your space one you love? Stay tuned this month for specific interior design tips and tricks for everyone from the college graduate to the newlywed couple trying to merge their design styles.

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